Working Papers

  1. Petar Momcilovic, Avishai Mandelbaum, Nitzan Carmeli, Mor Armony, Galit B. Yom-Tov “Resource-Driven Activity-Networks (RANs): A Modelling Framework for Complex Operations”.  (Link to the manuscript: RAN_Oct2022)
  2. Monika Westphal, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Avi Parush, Anat Rafaeli, “Reducing Abandonment and Improving Attitudes in Emergency Departments: Integrating Delay Announcements into Operational Transparency to Signal Service Quality”. (Link to the manuscript: myED_May2022)
  3. Manlu Chen, Opher Baron, Avishai Mandelbaum, Jianfu Wang, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Nadir Arber, “Waiting Experience in Open-Shop Service Networks: Improvements via Flow Analytics & Automation”. (Link to the manuscript: PDF – Open Shop (Nov 23)).
  4. Lior T. Landa, Antonio Castellanos, Yair Goldberg, and Galit B. Yom-Tov, “The Reactive Hidden Markov Model: Real-Time Estimation of Customer Satisfaction in Contact Centers”.
  5. Mor Armony and Galit Yom-Tov, “Hospitalization versus Home Care: Balancing Mortality and Infection Risks for Hematology Patients”. (Link to the manuscript: Optimize Hematology LOS).
  6. Daniel Altman, Anat Rafaeli, and Galit B. Yom-Tov, “Emotional Workload in Healthcare: Identifying and Scaling the Emotional Demand in Healthcare Work Events”.
  7. Antonio Castellanos, Galit B. Yom-Tov, and Yair Goldberg, “Silent Abandonment in Contact Centers: Estimating Customer Patience from Uncertain Data” (Link to the manuscript: Silent_Abandonment_5_2022).
  8. Shelly Ashtar, Anat Rafaeli, and Galit B. Yom-Tov “Customer Emotion and Control as Demands and Resources for Customer Service Agents: Predicting the Length of Unscheduled Microbreaks”.
  9. Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden, Britt W.J. Mathijsen, Fiona Sloothaak, and Galit B. Yom-Tov “The Restricted Erlang-R Queue: Finite-Size Effects in Service Systems with Returning Customers”. (Link to the manuscript: PDF – Restricted Erlang -R)

Published (or in press) Papers

  1. Andrew Daw, Antonio Castellanos, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Jamol J. Pender, and Leor Gruendlinger, “The Co-Production of Service: Modeling Service Times in Contact Centers Using Hawkes Processes” (Link to the manuscript: PDF – Co-Production – June 2023 (Link to a YouTube video of this paper given in the 2021 Data-driven Queueing Challenges workshop.) Forthcoming in Management Science, 2023.
  2. Andrew Daw, Galit B. Yom-Tov “Markov Process Simulations of Service Systems with Concurrent Hawkes Service Interactions”. Forthcoming in Winter Simulation Conference, 2023.
  3. Shelly Ashtar, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Anat Rafaeli, and Jochen Wirtz “Affect-as-Information: Customer andEmployee Affective Displays as Expeditious Predictors of Customer Satisfaction”. Journal of Service Research (JSR), 0(0), 2023.
  4. Armann Ingolfsson, Avishai Mandelbaum, Kenneth Schultz, Galit B. Yom-Tov “Preface to the Special Issue on Behavioral Queueing Science: The Need for a Multidisciplinary Approach”. Operations Research 71(3):1–8, 2023.
  5. Monika Westphal, Michael Vössing, Gerhard Satzger, Galit B. Yom-Tov and Anat Rafaeli, “Decision control and explanations in human-AI collaboration: Improving user perceptions and compliance”. Computers in Human Behavior, 144:10771, 2023. (DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2023.107714)
  6. Nitzan Carmeli, Galit B. Yom-Tov, and Onno Boxma, “State-Dependent Estimation of Delay Distributions in Fork-Join Networks” (Forthcoming in M&SOM. DOI: msom.2022.1167. Link to online appendix Link to the manuscript: Delay_estimation_FJ_2021).
  7. Galit B. Yom-Tov, Anat Rafaeli, “Integrating Emotional Load into Service Operations“. Special Issue: 100 views on queues, Queueing Systems (QUESTA), Vol. 100(3), 565-567, 2022.
  8. Shelly Ashtar, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Navot Akiva, Anat Rafaeli, “When Do Service Employees Smile? Response-Dependent Emotion Regulation in Emotional Labor”. Journal of Organizational Behavior (JOB), 42:1202–1227, 2021. (DOI: 10.1002/job.2562)
  9. Galit B. Yom-Tov and Carri W. Chan, “Balancing Admission Control, Speedup, and Waiting in Service Systems”. Queueing Systems, 97:163–219, 2021. (DOI: 10.1007/s11134-021-09685-z)
  10. Daniel Altman, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Marcello Olivares, Shelly Ashtar, and Anat Rafaeli, “Do Customer Emotions Affect Worker Speed? An Empirical Study of Emotional Load in Online Customer Contact Centers”, M&SOM, 23(4):854-875, 2021 (DOI: 10.1287/msom.2020.0897). (Link to the manuscript:  Emotional_load Online appendix: Emotional_load – Online appendix )
  11. Galit B. Yom-Tov, Liron Yedidsion, and Yueming Xie, “An Invitation Control Policy for Proactive Service Systems: Balancing Efficiency, Value and Service Level”, M&SOM, 23(5):1077-1095, 2021 (DOI: 10.1287/msom.2019.0852 ) (Link to the manuscript: Proactive_service_systems_2_2_2019).
  12. Monika Westphal, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Avi Parush, Nitzan Carmeli, Alina Shaulov, Chen Shapira, and Anat Rafaeli, “A Patient-Centered Information System (myED) for Emergency Care Journeys: Design, Development, and Initial Adoption”, JMIR Form Res 2020;4(2):e16410. (DOI: 10.2196/16410)
  13. Anat Rafaeli, Daniel Altman, and Galit B. Yom-Tov. 2018. “Cognitive and Emotional Load Influence Response Time of Customer-Service Agents: A Large Scale Analysis of Chat Service Conversations”. Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52), January 8–11, 2019, Hawaii, US, 10 pages. (DOI:10.24251/hicss.2019.231) (Link to the manuscript: HICSS-52_0190)
  14. Jing Dong, Elad Yom-Tov, and Galit B. Yom-Tov, “The Impact of Delay Announcements on Hospital Network Coordination and Waiting Times“, Management Science, Vol. 65, No. 5, 1969–1994, 2019. (DOI: 10.1287/mnsc.2018.3048) (Link to the manuscript: hospital_sync_final)
  15. Raïsa Carmen, Galit Yom-Tov, Inneke Van Nieuwenhuyse, Bram Joubert, and Yishai Ofran (2019) “The role of specialized hospital units in infection and mortality risk reduction among patients with hematological cancers“, PLoS ONE 14(3): e0211694. (
  16. Galit B. Yom-Tov and Tali Gurtz. 2018. “Delay Guarantee Planning of Call-Back Options in Time-Varying Service Systems”. In Winter Simulation Conference, December 9–12, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden (DOI: 10.1109/WSC.2018.8632519). (Link to the manuscript: call_back).
  17. Galit B. Yom-Tov, Shelly Ashtar, Daniel Altman, Michael Natapov, Neta Barkay, Monika Westphal, and Anat Rafaeli. 2018. “Customer Sentiment in Web-Based Service Interactions: Automated Analyses and New Insights”. In WWW 18 Companion: The 2018 Web Conference Companion, April 23–27, 2018, Lyon, France. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 8 pages. (
  18. Mor Armony, Shlomo Israelit, Avishai Mandelbaum, Yariv N. Marmor, Yulia Tseytlin, and Galit B. Yom-Tov. “On Patient Flow in Hospitals: A Data-Based Queueing-Science Perspective”, Stochastic Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, 146–194, 2015 (DOI: 10.1214/14-SSY153). (Link to the manuscript:  Patient flow (May 2015) Extended Version)
  19. Jing Dong, Pnina Feldman, and Galit B. Yom-Tov. “Service System with Slowdowns: Potential Failures and Proposed Solutions“, Operations Research, Vol. 63, No. 2, pp. 305-324, 2015 (DOI: 10.1287/opre.2015.1346). (Link to the manuscript: slowdown pdf (last updated Nov 2014))
  20. Carri W. Chan, Galit B. Yom-Tov and Gabriel Escobar, “When to use Speedup: An Examination of Service Systems with Returns“, Operations Research, Vol. 62, No. 2, pp. 462–482, March-April 2014 (DOI: 10.1287/opre.2014.1258). (Links to the manuscript: opre.2014.1258) *Second Place: INFORMS 2012 JFIG best paper competition.*
  21. Galit B. Yom-Tov and Avishai Mandelbaum, “Erlang-R: A Time-Varying Queue with Reentrant Customers, in Support of Healthcare Staffing“, M&SOM Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 283–299, Spring 2014. (Links to the manuscript: msom.2013.0474; Online Supplement: Erlang_R supplement)

Book Chapters:

  1. Anat Rafaeli, Galit B. Yom Tov, Shelly Ashtar, and Daniel Altman, “Opportunities, Tools and New Insights: Evidence on Emotions in Service from Analyses of Digital Traces Data” C.E.J. H ̈artel, W.J. Zerbe, and N.M. Ashkanasy (Ed.) Emotions and Service in the Digital Age (Research on Emotions in Organizations, Vol 16), Emerald Publishing Limited, UK pp. 105–136, 2020. (Link to the manuscript: Service in the Digital Age).
  2. M. Horwitch, H. Grupp, S. Maital, G. Sobel (Yom-Tov) and G. Dopelt, “Global integration of marketing and R&D: IBMs Haifa research laboratory and its ’Webcutter’ technology”, Appear at Getting Better at Sensemaking. A.G. Woodside (Ed.). JAI Press, Stamford, Connecticut, USA. pp. 203-214, 2000.

“Queues in Hospitals: Queueing Networks with ReEntering Customers in the QED Regime”. Ph.D. Thesis, Technion. (2010) (Link to the manuscript: PHD)
“Portfolio Management Approach to Supplier Selection”. M.Sc. Thesis, Technion. (2006)